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Welcome to Loly Transco & Parts!


Loly Transco is a business on the go. It’s the type of business driven to be the very best at what we do. We touch many international customers, delivering the highest-quality products to small businesses and every kind of material goods from electronics to mechanics. Our commitment to innovation and quality is to improve customer service and help our small business grow faster.

Loly Transco is what small businesses can count on to operate in the cheapest way with updated materials. What makes us different is that we provide what customers want and deliver what we promise on effective ways; to help improve faster, we have opened a distribution center in Kinshasa.
Loly Transco does not produce any goods, but works hard to save customers from research headaches. We save you time while you are focused on other things.


One stop can save you time. Stop searching and waisting time. Simply visit and submit your request online. We provide quote rates within 48 hours following your request.

What we sell:

Cell phones / parts
Cars / parts
Buses / parts, Trucks / parts
Boats parts

We have just opened a distribution center in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo to help local busineses satisfy their need. We offer our customers advice on the original materials and offer manufacturer's warranty. However, we do not provide free shipping, but shipping cost is included in the total cost. Our honesty with customers has helped us maintain a long lasting relationship.


Loly Transco has two locations:

United States   Congo (DR)

3033 Morning Star Dr.   Anciennes Galeries Présidentielles
Little Elm, TX   Local Numéro 1M6, 1er Niveau, Ave. de La Paix
    Commune De La Gombe, Kinshasa


Founder and CEO   Commissioner and CFOA
Loly Katalika   Stanislas Katalika
CFOA and Human Resources   District Manager
Naomie Sey Katalika   Patrick Kilimwa


At Loly Transco, we believe success depends on our customer service, honesty, and social culture and economical background. We believe in providing great service and value to our customers by striving for the highest operational efficiencies. In order to stay in the business we need to minimize impact and generate profit, which is healthy and beneficial to our customers and the company as well. We believe in improvement and feedback from customers. Our hard work will make positive impact in our communities.